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My word of the year came to me after a certain amount of waiting and praying.
I never know what might come, but it seems the ‘word’ comfort was going to be the word.
I think it is fitting especially after the chaos we have witnessed this week.
In fact I am rather ‘happy’ to stay within the comfort of my home.
God gave us this home and it has become a refuge and blessing.
I cannot read the news much or listen to it right now.
The headlines are staggering, with doom and gloom.
In fact, soon we are going to spend some time at the beach in our trailer which also gives me comfort.
There is too much chaos and too much suffering and too much fear.
We cannot sit in comfort while draped in fear.
It won’t work. Cannot work.
I realize you can’t hide from life and the issues it brings.
But when on the screen we can see evil, and heart ache and hurting.
It is more than my ‘little’ heart can take.
Suffering will always be around us.
That is part of life.
Open the word and you will find, story after story of people struggling through their circumstances.
I don’t want to pretend it doesn’t happen.
I just don’t want it to penetrate my peace.
That might sound selfish but what can I do to bring comfort to those hurting?
I can pray that the power of God fall down on them and they get rescued.
I can pray the evil people can get destroyed and get what they deserve.
I can pray for protection for those who love God and find no where to go to.
It is overwhelming and a place of difficulty to think of it all.
I have no data as to how this all will come about, or end.
Peace always comes with a cost.
My word of the year came to me after much waiting and praying.