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Isaiah 32:18
My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest. (NIV)
My people will live in a peaceful neighborhood — in safe houses, in quiet gardens.
When I think of this promise I am not only amazed but feel richly blessed to have gone through what we went through in the last four months. To have survived major decision making, major relocating and major ‘getting along.’ These verses speak of peace, safety, security, places of undisturbed protected settings. That is what our new neighborhood feels like, it is not yet ‘home’ but it is getting there. We are meeting new people and forging our way through the new changes with grace.
I find myself doing a lot more breathing as small places can create more challenges.
Together has a new meaning when a house is small. I am organizing more and keeping the house cleaner because a tidy home feels comfortable and a smaller setting gets messy faster.
Our cats who we call ‘the girls’ are settling in pretty good.
Molly didn’t like it at first and hid in the utility room for about three days, she was not settling in well. She takes time to calm down.
Mosey did fine, as long as she could see us that is all she needed to feel at home.
The ride from our old house to the new was quite dramatic as they cried and carried on in the carriers one would have thought the worst was going to happen. Once at the house we parked them near the utility room and their cat box and they were slowly getting to know where they were.
Showing our house was traumatic too as we had to take them out of the house on occasion for inspection or showing. Oh and don’t forget the showing that was preceded by a live mouse in our living room. That was quite chaotic and crazy. Trying to corral the cats who were interested in the mouse and then trying to get the very live mouse out of the house.
Between the crazy wild cats and me screaming it made for a very entertaining time of the day.
All in all our new home is peaceful and cozy. I think we are all doing well and life will be lived together for many years.