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After my last writing I asked my husband what he thought about it.
I wasn’t sure where to go next, since the writings about the family story has ended; and I didn’t have a clear new direction.
He said with great enthusiasm and firmness, “That is the way I like to see you write. You do your best when you write from your heart.”
I have tried to write honestly while gently opening up some of the hurt and pain of growing up.
It is a challenge to paint the pictures with words so that those who are reading can sense or feel the scenes in a very real way.
Recently I have joined a professional writer’s group and one of the comments they said is this,
“If you have been given a message from God you can’t bless anyone if you don’t speak it.”
That was such an encouragement for me.
It was like a tall glass of refreshing water on a hot day.
I want to write and feel that it has been a gift given to me, but at the same time I don’t want to keep repeating the same stories over and over.
It is my heart’s desire to share life with the readers who choose to read in this space.
The writer’s group said, “you have been asked to share your message, so how are you going to do it?”
What a challenging question. To write within a conversation with those who are reading.
Telling a story that brings not only a ray of hope in a world that doesn’t offer it and also a vision of life changing truth.
The writer’s group said, “This is why it matters. When you write with your real authentic self, when you have fun with your words and be yourself, you will have readers that will return over and over.”
That is my hope. To tell the stories from my perspective, without causing harm.
If it’s real, and raw and close to your heart, the sharing will come natural.
That is my prayer.
“Never be ashamed of a scar, it simply means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you.”