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The idea of moving forward with intention came to me a few weeks ago.
When I plan on a task I set aside three days to really tackle it. That is my emotional limit.
If it’s a painting job, it’s done in a short time frame. I tire easily of the task and want it done.
I think it is good to have intention for many things in our lives.
Intention is: mentally determining an action or result.
The last few days I have been cleaning our master bedroom.
I started at the bathroom counter then moved to each corner of the room, removing items not needed anymore.
My personal dresser was cleaned out and I am purging old socks, and other items that have no purpose.
Really does one person need three dresser drawers of socks?
With the intention of thinking, what do I like, what is comfortable and what is the most recent purchase.
I managed to put in a bag so far over 40 pair of socks to give away. Someone might like them.
There will be more to give away and repurpose. I am intentionally ready to let go and release this stuff.
It is a good and peaceful feeling knowing that it doesn’t need to take up space.
Because my nature is to be a sentimental messy there are many items of ‘old’ memories that need to be gone through and figured out what is important and what is not.
This is a project for one person. We grow stronger when we are making the decisions for ourselves.
Moving forward with intention is a great plan for a fall season.
It takes planning and determination to not get distracted or discouraged.
Vacuuming is not fun but necessary. Dusting just the same, not exciting but we have to do it.
Personal intentions are just the same; any program or new direction is sometimes boring but in the end very positive. Once we determine the goal and intention of what is to be accomplished the rest is pretty easy.
Are there ways you can move forward with a better intention for yourself?
Let’s make this a new challenge.