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I cannot even imagine Mary and the condition of her heart when she heard the words from the angel.
I am sure as any young ‘mom to be’ she had concerns as to how to tell her ‘family’.
So many questions and thoughts would press upon her heart.
How she would present herself to Joseph.
How would anyone accept her.
It was a very serious thing to be carrying a baby and not be married.
Most mothers to be are excited.
Even in a crisis pregnancy one can come to a place of acceptance.
They are also nauseated and tired and all the other things that come with carrying a child within.
The difference is this little girl was chosen to be a very special mother and the news for her is a life altering moment.
She asked the angel Gabriel, “how can this be? as I am a virgin”
The angel told her, “the spirit will come upon you and the power of the most high will over shadow you. Therefore the child to be born shall be called Holy – the Son of God.”
The SON of God.
Mary was afraid and confused.
She feared the news but then slowly moved to a place of acceptance in her heart.
The angel told her that her relative Elizabeth was also expecting a child.
The impossibility of that fact was true as Mary knew Elizabeth was old and not able to have a child.
Elizabeth had been in hiding for five months purposely not showing her rounding self and when the sixth month came the angel appeared to tell Mary about her baby to be and Elizabeth’s also in case she had a hard time believing.
I wonder if that was helpful for Mary to believe in her own miracle.
Sometimes we can believe in a miracle for others much easier than for ourselves.
It was all being orchestrated by God and his master plan.
I find it amazing and exciting that God has a plan for our lives way before we are born.
Mary’s heart needed to share with someone.
She needed someone with a kindred spirit to understand the seriousness of the words spoken.
“You will have a son and you will name him Jesus and he will be called the Son of God.”
Elizabeth would be the perfect person to share with.
If anyone would understand the miracle she certainly would.
Mary’s heart needed a friend and soon she would go see her.