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It seems that the theme lately has been life changing moments.
Not sure what God is trying to show me or teach me but I am ready and willing to learn from the lessons given. In a moment in time everything changes from one ‘place in time to another’ one memory to another or one ‘season to another’.

Today my husband’s dad ~ my father in law who is 88 years old lost his dear old dog.
After 11 years of spending time together yesterday she went into a ‘stroke’ type situation and was admitted into the dog hospital. Within hours he was admitted to a hospital too.
Anxiety and stress created heart issues for him. It was looking like a heart attack but not really sure… one cannot be sure until the test results are back from the lab.
Abby the dog died today she was over 14 years old.
She was in surgery when the vet realized she was full of cancer and as an old dog she was not going to get better. He checked with dad’s daughter and made sure it was a good choice. Dad was still in the hospital when Abby left for good it was really the only choice left for her in order for her to not suffer.
When we found Abby she was a few years old and she was an energetic pup. At the time when I found her on line a young couple was moving to Guam and the quarantine for her would be so costly they decided to give her away. We met her and the first time she saw dad and mom she realized this old couple needed help she got up off the floor and she moved closer to dad as if to say ‘WELL when are we going home’.
She realized she had a job to do and she ‘assigned herself the job’ of being a hearing and aide dog. They took her home and got her settled and she got to work right away. The phone would ring and because mom and dad had hearing issues Abby would bark and stare at the phone she would tap it and bark until they answered it. She would wake them up in the morning with a bark and she would wake them up if someone came to the door. Her bark was loud and sometimes a shrill sound but she assigned herself the job of being a hearing-watch dog and whatever it took to do the job she did it. She was excellent at her job and she impressed whoever came into the door to visit. Before she came to live with them she was an average family dog. After moving in she had a mission in her heart and an important goal and meaning for her life.
When mom O got sick Abby stayed by her side not wanting to leave. She would lay there and just ‘wait’ and watch each hospice person as they came and left. Checking on mom to see if they left her comfortable and resting. After mom O died Abby stayed close beside dad O. She was his shadow and she was never going to leave him. She would go outside to play and then want to come right back in to sit by his side.
We knew she didn’t want to leave his side. Today she did… it was out of her control.
He is in the hospital tonight with symptoms that won’t let him come home and he is resting with a grieving heart missing his dog terribly but understanding that she had to leave.
It is a story of a man and his dog.
Of love with a different meaning and a relationship that was full of helping one another.
Today Abby left for good.Tomorrow Dad O will have to go for a walk alone. Ride in his car alone. And sit in his chair alone.It is sad and it is his life now and it is a journey we all must face at some point in time.
Saying goodbye to a ‘life time love’ then saying good bye to a helper and guide and a ‘shadow’ that never chose to or wanted to leave. Today Abby left for good. Good bye miss Abby…
you were a good girl and you loved dad and mom a lot. Be at peace old girl.
Heaven is waiting for you to run and jump and bark and play. Maybe you can have a new job there…
Can you watch mom O for us now? I am sure she will be happy to see you.
Take care of her for us ~ you have a new job assigned to you now. Go do it with all the gusto you have within you and make us proud. You go girl and maybe you will find some pine cones along your way.