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As we move through this process of simplify, it is important to maintain your goal and decision making.
For instance if my goal is to be healthier in three months, lose a bit of weight and get a better lab test, then I would need to decide what has to take place to accomplish this.
The discipline of doing what needs to be done, writing it down and keeping the task ahead becomes less overwhelming.
Lately I have been going to the store with a list, and I follow it as I shop.
Keeping that task easier removes the wandering around trying to figure out a meal list in the store.
How and what needs to be done in order to accomplish that is just as important as the final outcome.
If I want to have a better organized office space; then I have to focus on how would I do that and what would work more efficiently.
The hardest part for me sometimes is the decision making process and maybe the motivation.
It cannot be another day for me to say, “Oh I have loved this sweater I have had it for 25 years.”
Really? yes I am pretty sure there are those in my closet.
Emotions can’t be a part of this process because it only will bring me to a complete stopping point.
In the past I have said, “If I like a pair of pants I will buy three of the same in different colors.”
Is that even necessary? How many do I need?
Oh and don’t get me started on the paper issues. Bills come in the mail and then get stacked in a disordered pile.
Many people love online bills, I do not. I lose track of them, I want to see them in person, read the print and follow the tracking.
I have them come by mail in paper form then shred them when I am done paying them.
There has to be a system that works. Each of us do many different ways and some may work better than others.
Finding and maintaining your goal will be much easier when trying to do this tough work.
I am going to begin with rooms. Each room will have a unique need, the den is different than a bedroom.
So each will need to be organized in such a way that it is clean and uncluttered at the end of the process.
Are we all ready for this monumental task? If you have already done this, that is awesome.
It is a plan of mine to get this disorganized space finished in less than six months.
That allows a lot of time for purging, destroying and organizing.