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The Friday challenge is to write for five minutes on one word with no editing and no corrections.

The word for the day is: Listen
When I thought of the word of the year as with other years I waited to see what the Lord was going to reveal to me.
After prayer and waiting the word that came was Quiet.
Now the first things that come to mind are the beach, alone or almost alone, waves crashing and wind blowing softly.
A time of reflection and meditation and just enjoying the silence of the word Quiet.
This last month another ‘type’ of meaning for the word has come to my attention.
Sometimes the best thing one can do is LISTEN.
BE still.
Do not give an opinion.
Listen… listen to words shared by others and also to behavior through what is not shared.
With our grand children living here with us it has proven to be wonderful and challenging.
The reason they are here was not easy, peaceful or safe.
I have needed to be quiet and LISTEN.
To matters of the heart and matters of the soul.
When some one hurts another through insensitive behavior or words.
Matters of the heart become necessary to open up and heal.
The words sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never harm me.
Are wrong.
Words cut to the core and wound on many levels.
The key to sharing and loving another in crisis is Listening.
Without hearing the words of the wounded one there is no solid change or chance of healing.
The hardest six letter word we can ever challenge ourselves to do.
Do not give opinions. Do not instruct.
Just listen.