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I am not sure what to think about the statistics on this blog.
It is extremely confusing.
One week it will tell me 18,000 readers from Germany read it.
The next week it will say 12… I really don’t care it is just not something I worry about or care to lose sleep over. I just don’t understand how they ‘record it’ in blog land.
Then it shows I had 57 readers and now I have 28… if it is not interesting that is OK.
I am not always ready or in a space where I can write something.
A few years ago when I started this blog my heart was full of many things to share.
Perhaps the sharing is not as deep or not as often but it is a goal to write at least a few times a week.
Will try a lot harder to do that and to be more disciplined in finding topics and words that flow in a good way for the readers out there who do like this place.
Some have shared with me they appreciate it.
That is good and I am thankful for their faithfulness.
Here are a few new things I can share.
My parents are settling into their foster home and doing well for now.
All of our children and grand children are healthy and doing well.
I am becoming more clear about what I need to do with all the stuff in the den, spare room and even our master bedroom.
There are many items that need to be purged and taken away.
It is something only I can do for when we choose for ourselves and do the hard work we become empowered by our new ‘clarity of heart and mind’.
So the fall goal is to purge and clean and donate all usable items to a good cause.
I am not a hoarder but there is stuff I have have had stored and in boxes and when it is not remembered or needed it is time to move it out.
Do you have something you have been needing to do and have been putting it off?
Let us encourage and stir each other to press on and purge the things that weigh us down.
Let us roll up our sleeves and get busy.