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On the river it is quiet.
One can hear birds and the sound of the water splashing as the oars move in and out pushing us along towards new landscape and new experiences.
Sometimes we stop to see a bald eagle perched high into a tree or watch a hawk flying over our heads.
Sometimes we stop to watch deer walking along the waters edge or the ducks and geese swimming not far from us.
I love this time and season when we can get away and sit in the middle of nature.
It is peaceful.
It is calming deep into our spirits.
It allows us to slow down and build friendships as we are not alone on this journey.
Kind of like life.

We are never alone unless we choose to be.
We need each other for companionship, friendship and prayer.
On the river it is quiet.
And we learn many lessons inside a canoe as we head in the same direction with the same goal in mind.
Kind of like life.
Joining Still Saturday and the Sunday community.
(picture is of a canoe trip we took near Sun River, Oregon)