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We are now into day six and the waiting continues.
Mom seems peaceful and not in pain. She is not responsive and seems almost in a coma state.
The waiting has been extremely difficult for us all it is a hard thing to watch and be a part of
but in the same sense we wouldn’t have missed it. The journey between life and death is a spiritual one for each of us. I am convinced after watching this that it is a unique and difficult journey for each person heading down that path.
The family is waiting and praying.
Some have gone back to work and back into normal activities. There is no purpose for the whole group to be hanging around watching her every breath.
Dad is doing alright I think it is very hard on him and sometimes he has false hope that she will return to us and be the mom that he remembers.
Love always has hope in its heart.
He has been her love for 60+ years and it is his story to tell. Yesterday he told the visiting nurse how they met. It was a sweet remembering for his heart and mind. I observed his every move as he shared the story of meeting mom and his decision to marry her. It was tender and the nurse who was listening was attentive and caring. She even had tears in her eyes for their story of love affects everyone.

Mom O has been for us… a legacy of love… of compassion… of prayer and of Faith.
Her bible worn and so loved as she read it over and over one has to wonder how many tears did she shed as she poured herself into the words of the Lord.
Everyone who knew her was affected by her gentleness of spirit and faith.
We wait and we pray and ask the Lord what are we supposed to be learning from this journey of death. For me the lesson has been family love and how it expands from parents to children and then to their children. She leaves a legacy of faith for all of us and we hope we can make her proud.