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(This was hand written a week ago and now typed into this setting)
When I continue to think about the art of listening it moves me into the realm of how we pay attention.
Often I will say something to my husband and there will be no response, then I will say to him, “did you hear what I said?” and he will acknowledge that he wasn’t listening.
I could tell because of the lack of response.
Sometimes the noise around us is too loud for us to hear. Other times we just are not tuned into it.
I do not do well when the air noise is loud and there is too much clutter to sift out.
My personality does best in calm and peaceful environments.
How are we supposed to react when the noise is harsh like the current political climate?
For me, my choice is to turn it off.
My husband and I are at the beach and the silence is amazing.
Today I choose to listen to the waves, allow myself to feel the wind in my hair.
Refresh my spirit as I breathe in the beach air and the freshness.
I actually came down to do some writing but I think there was another master plan happening.
The camp has no electricity so I cannot plug in. My computer will not work, my cell phone is dead.
So plan b for the day is to respond with a joy and delight that change has forced me to unplug.
I will walk on the sand, and feel the softness as my feet sink into it.
I will slow my pace and breathe.
I will rejoice in this inconvenience for it forces me to be more in the present.
The beach and it’s beauty.
The waves always calm my spirit and I will return revived and refreshed.
I didn’t bring my camera so even that is not a choice for me.
I will just experience it as it is, in the present and remember it as a memory.
Sometimes a change of plan is good for us.
We can learn to be flexible and open to some new experiences.
How do you handle life when it throws you a curve?
Do you react and respond in a good and positive way?
One of the hardest things I think we all have to work on is letting go of our agendas.
Sometimes it is the laying aside our plans when we get really blessed.