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It has been raining and I love it.
The cool moist air is wonderful and refreshing.
The trees are just starting to change from green to multi colors of red, orange and yellow.
We can enjoy the rain or fight it.
We can rejoice in it’s cleansing process or we can be grumpy.
The choice is ours.
I choose to enjoy the damp crisp October air.
Even if I have an allergic cough and can’t breathe very well sometimes.
I choose to embrace the changing of the season
where death makes way for birth.
If the old leaves did not fall new leaves could not grow.
If the dormant season did not take place
new flowers would not rise up and spring would look very different and dark.
I think our lives are a lot like the seasons.
We can dance in the rain and rejoice in it’s refreshment
or grumble about all the uncomfortable changes it brings.
The autumn season of our lives can be good
as we move slow and reflect inward.
Life is not about complaining
It is about learning how to live in the moment and being thankful.

{I am not sure where this picture came from or who took it, but I like it for this blog post}