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Keep being brave are words on a card I have on my bulletin board above my computer.
It is a wonderful reminder for me to continually do more than I think I can, and to challenge myself.
Life is funny because sometimes you get to a point of wonder or worry about what could you manage, should you have to.
It’s not logical to think about that but I have to remind myself to be brave, to push forward and to believe in myself.
When I was going through radiation, I had to tell myself about every day for 16 days, I could do it.
It’s not easy to go in and be exposed to massive radiation waves, but it was necessary.
The final result is no cancer. No returning for scans for a year.
That is awesome and exciting.
I have friends who are dealing with cancer and the thought of what is to come for them.
It brings up fear even if one is a strong believer.
The unknown is hard. I wasn’t sure what to expect when the biopsy had to be done.
Then the lumpectomy to follow.
I suppose I could say that whole experience was life altering for me.
I will never be the same person I was before this time in my life.
Medical things are often hard, cold and uncomfortable, we often find ourselves praying for another way.
When I see commercials about little kids with cancer it just makes me mad.
They should not have to deal with it.
My daughter’s best friend had leukemia for years.
My best friend is dealing with cancer, and another friend is also.
Keep being brave is a mantra we all can say in those times of distress.
I don’t know the future for any of my friends, but I do know that God is in control.
Those who are dealing with changes are the strong ones.
Those who walk through the doors with conviction that all will be well.
They are the strong ones.
But sometimes you can’t be strong. Sometimes you have to let it go.
Keep being brave will always be my reminder to face each day with hope, with prayer and the promises of God.