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It’s hard to imagine the year is half over. Soon it will be July 1st, and heading into the fall season.
We might have a few more days of warmer weather but the rules have changed and the enjoyment is a little stifled.
I don’t like to wear a mask and I really don’t like to go out in public much anymore.
It’s is an angry world right now and I just like our peaceful cozy spot.
Away from chaos and people and worry and oh my, the rules change every day.
I can’t imagine going on a vacation and sight seeing with a mask on.
It is not my option to go to church either with a mask on.
The doctor told my husband it is safe to go out but be aware that a second wave of this pandemic is supposed to arrive.
This is really a weird year for sure.
I miss family, and friends and fellowship with others.
I try not to watch the news since it’s so angry and so full of violence.
It is good to know what is going on but I can’t take the intense anger.
Oh and I am in deep prayer for our police and fire workers.
It is a war and they are not safe anymore.
I cannot imagine doing their job and having to deal with the intense issues surrounding them.
Don’t forget it’s election year too so all that politic stuff is blended into the news too.
I think what is really needed is a fresh reboot of the year.
It’s been hard.
It’s been really heartbreaking on many levels and it’s hard to imagine the year is half over.
They announced there will be no crowds on the fourth of July.
No parades, no rodeos, no fairs, nothing to do but think about this pandemic issue.
I am so ready for a change.
Lord can we just start over and begin again?