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I am always unsure at first. 
My first step into the canoe is one of nervous beginnings.
This trip a new life jacket helped with my confidence.
The positive affirmations from many around me that it would be a good trip helped too.
The coolness was a bit of concern and then as we moved into the darker sky it made me wonder what was ahead of us.

Above us the darkened sky opened up and about three quarters into our trip we were rained on.
It poured a torrential rain soaking up everything in sight.
We grabbed rain gear and tried to keep dry.
It poured and pounded and with the wind at our backs we had to row to the shores edge.

There was nothing anyone could do but to keep a ‘positive’ attitude and get to a dry place as quickly as possible.
Our hopes for a nice ‘day outing’ changed to a wet and damp boats interior.
Along with wet clothes and shoes and soaking hair too.

There was an opening along the bridge and we stopped to take cover and eat our lunches. 
At first I thought we were done and thought to myself… “wow that was quite an adventure.”
Then they reminded me our cars were far away and we had another two hours on the water to get to them.

This is not a good picture of me.
I was wearing wet jeans, soaked coat and was trying very hard to be kind to everyone.
This is a no makeup… no fancy… anything look.
The life jacket makes me look huge.
I am wearing my hubby’s extra large rain coat and had a firm grip on my camera bag.
The plaid hat is my ‘canoe hat’ tradition.
No one will let me on the canoe unless I have it with me.
After we ate a bit and the rain slowed to a nice ‘mist’ we had to return to the river.
Singing hymns and songs of praise we rowed to our next destination.

God is good and every circumstance we encounter is a teachable moment for us.
The key is our reaction to it.
James 1:2-4
Consider it all joy when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have it’s perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.
Lord we trusted in you and we had your protection. 
Your majesty and greatness was all around us.
We praised you even in our storm.