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Independence day is a day that reminds us of our freedom we have in this ‘United States of America.’
Typically it is a day for hotdogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob, rodeo’s and parades.
We must also remember it is a day for celebration of our freedom.
God Bless America, we say with our lips but we must also believe it to be true.
God HAS blessed us and kept us safe.
We can be very thankful for that and for the testimony of our patriotic father’s before us.
Freedom always costs something. Someone has to pay the price.
Remember the veteran who is recovering from serving or is currently serving.
Remember the call to serve their country no matter what that eventually will mean.
Some come home physically and some come home in a box.
Each one of them paid a price so we can remain free.
Our country right now is in a political mess and I just want to say to everyone, be quiet.
Today we celebrate the independence day fourth of July.
Whether you have a family BBQ or a potluck dinner with friends.
Today we all can be thankful for the blessing we received.