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In the middle of a stress filled week; I am listening.
Seeking the direction of my writing and searching the ways that I will continue to share.
There is power in the seeking.
There is also power in the waiting and resting.
I cannot always allow myself to feel overwhelmed or fatigued by ‘personal goals’.
This place of writing is a sacred place for me.
It is not only my outlet for others to share life with me but also a place of healing.
I have shared matters of my heart to those who read and choose to understand me.
I have also shared struggles and joys.
It is good to be open and vulnerable and also know that even in the word it says, “be still and know.”
Life has taken a little skip these last few weeks; as I have had dental appointments and vision appointments.
Growing old is not for the faint of heart.
I have had to push myself deep in order to do the testing or the correcting that was needed.
Both appointments pushed my comfort zone far into the ‘non’ wanting to be there zone.
I am strong and resilient and did survive.
It was not easy but who said life is? We are here to grow and I feel I did through these experiences.
I do not like doctor appointments or dental appointments. I really don’t like to be messed with.
Sometimes we must do what we don’t like in order to find out what is wrong.
I learned to breathe.
I learned to push myself into a place within me that is a ‘survive and it will be over soon’.
Have you ever had those moments where you just don’t want to be there?
WE all have those at some point in time.
The moral of the story is this, we will get through it and we will then have something to share.
It might be good or it could be not so good; but either way we will take our experience and learn something from it, I think it’s the only way to survive those uncomfortable ‘moments’ in this path of life.