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Do you ever wonder sometimes what is next in your life?
What God has in mind for you or what might be in your future?
I do.
I am considered semi retired and not working outside my home.
It is a form of taking a break.
Taking a pause in life till the next set of events start happening.
In the meantime:
the definition of ‘meantime’ is the intervening time or period as between events or process.

It is what I call discovering what is most important.
A time to slow down and listen.
A time to grow deeper and wiser.
A time to center into what ultimately is the most valuable to you.
It is about making choices because you can.
In the meantime
you wait and you wonder
you pray and you seek.

When I worked full time we were busy all day long.
At night when the day finally ended the fatigue set in and bedtime looked pretty inviting.
These days my life is more quiet and pacing myself is much easier.
If rest is needed it is ok to lay down and rest.
If writing is needed it is ok to spend time with that too.
It seems that I am more healthy these days other than a few seasonal illnesses that happen.
It is all about learning yourself and becoming a student of who you are inside ~ where others don’t see.
What is ‘in the meantime’ looking like for you?
Are you ready for the next set of events?
Can you ask God to strengthen you for what is ahead?
Can you say with an open heart and an open hand
I will accept the circumstances whatever they may be?
All of us have the ‘meantime’ seasons it is what we do with them
that really matters.
I pray this be a bit of encouragement as the journey continues for us all.
In the meantime we wait.