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I am remembering at the six month mark, my sister has been gone now for half a year.
Still so hard for me to imagine not seeing her, hearing her voice, talking to her.
Even when she was gone in her earlier years sometimes years at a time, she always returned.
Always at Christmas. The holidays brought her home.
Not this time.
Loss happens to all of us on so many levels depending on who is the one we lost.
Sometimes a friend, sometimes a relative, sometimes even a much loved animal friend.
It is always hard to say that final goodbye.
Even Jesus had loss in his life.
When Lazarus died he cried. Two words, Jesus wept.
He wept even though he knew HE had the power to bring him back, he wept because of his love for him.
At times the grief comes close to me and I let it sit and then I wait for it to leave.
It is good to remember.
It is good to remind ourselves; that we were three, and now we are two.
I don’t want to ever forget who she was, oh sure at times she was a pain and her behavior was far from perfect.
But she was a sister. And I did stand up for her over and over many times when we were growing up.
As she got older she needed someone to speak for best interest. I did that too.
I couldn’t always protect her, and she didn’t always want me too.
It was ok to release some responsibility for someone else.
I was the youngest and I am remembering at the six month mark, how much she is missed.
I was reminded that it is only 5 months, December will be the 6 month mark.