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I have collections in our home.
Anyone who knows me
knows that angels are high on the list and of course roses.
It can’t be just any angel. It has to be pretty, and antique in style.

Then I found these fairies and they were so adorable I had to add them to the collection.

Bunnies are high on the list too.
Just love the whimsical look of bunnies.
Found these at our hospital gift shop for a very ‘low price’.

Then back to angels.
The one on the left is my December birthday angel the middle is February for one sister and the other one is for June for my other sister.
These are called birthday angels by Lefton. Antique in style.

These were from my grandmother they are small demitasse cups for special occasions made out of very fragile china. Antique in style.

Back to whimsical bunnies.
All different in count of three.

Back to pretty ladies and little girls.
The middle one I purchased on a very special occasion after a therapy appointment.
A little girl and her bear.

Perhaps the reason I have groups of three’s
growing up I was the youngest of three daughters.
It was always the three of us no matter what went on in life
we were for each other.
Seasons came and went and sometimes our lives changed and our closeness drifted
but we always knew
we were for each other.
Now in our ‘golden years’ (we are all in our middle stage of life)
we realize even more the preciousness of being sisters.
The other day I was thinking on this topic and realized
no wonder I felt so comfortable with the concept of
the Father, Son and Holy spirit…being three in one.
I was already familiar with the number three.