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Graduation is coming up for four of our grand children.
Three are leaving middle school and heading to high school and one is leaving high school and heading to being an adult with a job and soon a car.
Life is passing us by so quickly, I can remember when each of them were tiny little bundles.
Then they grew up. Where did the years go?
This Sunday we are having graduation party for Faith, high school has been a journey of ups and downs, she will be very glad to leave this ‘time of her life’ behind.
She has a nice job at a auto part store and she has a nice boyfriend.
I am amazed at her maturity and her growing up in front of us, she started out so tiny.
Life will be different for her. The youth days are leaving and she is 19 now and navigating her way to adulthood.
What would I tell her now?
To not take life too seriously. To eat good and get enough sleep. Exercise is good for the body and spirit.
I would tell her to manage her money well and not get into the trap of debt.
Keep your faith for it is your foundation of your life. Don’t forget God, he has never forgotten you.
I would tell her to remember no one has the right to hurt you with words or with physical actions.
Be strong for yourself and remember who you are, never lose track of that.
Remember how far you have come and how hard you have worked to get there.
I would remind her of the sister’s who are watching her.
For the 8th graders, I would say to them almost the same things.
High school can be very positive and fun, make the most of it. Find one or two friends and keep them.
Stay out of ‘middle school’ drama you are not there anymore.
Find your niche, what you enjoy and what you are good at and create space for growth.
Remember it’s only four years and it will go by very quickly.
I would tell them to listen to your parents and don’t be afraid to talk to your grand parents, we might be old but we are wise in our knowledge and guidance.
I pray for all four of you. Faith, Hannah and Alexis and Samuel.
May God grant you good years full of life experiences and lessons to be learned.
Please know we will always be here for you. We will always love you no matter what you do or don’t do.
You are amazing and gifted. May you all use those gifts to be a better and kind person.
Congratulations… you made it.