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Continuing on with the 31 day challenge.
Join with me as I thank the Lord for 31 blessings.
Learning to have gratitude for all things.

1. fresh water from the tap
2. furnace that warms our home
3. refrigerator that keeps things cold
4. washer and dryer that make washing clothes easier
5. stove that warms and heats our food
6. carpeting under our feet
7. warm socks
8. comfortable shoes
9. over abundance of clothes in closets
10. electricity that lights our home
11. convenience of stores and pharmacies
12. convenience of drugs to help heal us and
      doctors who can treat us
13. warm beds and soft pillows
14. family to love
15. grandchildren who give us joy
16. eyes to help us see
17. ears to help us hear
18. hearts to help us love
19. tears to help us cry
20. bibles to read freely
21. songs to sing loudly
22. prayers rising from many in churches
23. freedom to worship
24. freedom to vote
25. freedom to walk most anywhere
26. cars to help when we can’t walk
27. computers to help us keep contact with others
28. homes with roofs that protect us from weather
29. windows that close or open as needed
30. friends who love us
31. friends whom we love

As the list grows it is easier to find other things to be grateful for.
Many things not mentioned or spoken.
Learning to be grateful for life and love is something we all can begin to do.
I challenge you to make your list and thank God for giving them to you.
As we move into a time for giving thanks may we each learn to be more grateful.