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The word for the day was Dream. says to dream is an aspiration or goal, a wild or vain fancy, most desirable; ideal.
It also means in a dream state as in sleep; a succession of visions or images or memories while in a sleeping state.
Have you ever had a dream that seemed so real when you woke up you had to look around and get your self re-oriented as to where you are and who you are with?
The first definition is a real one for me as we are making plans for retirement.
We dream of a vacation at the beach without a time limit to come home, where we are able to relax and explore unseen areas of the coast range in a newly purchased motor home.
We dream of a cruise to Alaska or a trip to England where we can wander the hillsides and explore the castles, enjoy the gardens and delicate foods.
Dream is such a big word.
It can also be a hurtful one carrying intense power, in the past I have had terrible bad dreams on the level of nightmare. They were very disturbing and very upsetting.
Sometimes with an intense theme.
I didn’t want to sleep the next few nights after those horrible scenes.
I would go to bed with quiet music playing by my bed so I could sleep with ‘gentle’ thoughts.
When thinking about this word, I also think of Martin Luther King, saying, “I have a dream”.
In this time and age of ‘uncertainty’ and intense drama, maybe his dream for peace and quiet is a very much needed one right now for all of us.
The word for the day is dream.
What does that word stir within your heart and spirit?
A question to think about on this ‘challenging word prompt’.