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The word chosen to write about this week turned out to be favorite. says: it is regarded as a special favor or preference.
When I think of favorite I tend to think of things that make us happy.
Feeling safe, comfortable and warm is a favorite of mine, although right now in the midst of a heat wave we don’t need to be warm.
It reminds me of the song in the Sound of music movie when Julie Andrews sings, these are a few of my ‘favorite’ things.
In the fall my choice of clothing is sweat pants or jeans with no elastic around the waist.
Then I add a v-neck 3/4 sleeved pull on shirt and warm socks.
If given the choice of desserts my favorite is warm marionberry pie.
If given the choice of what I would like to do, my favorite place is to go to the beach.
If given a dish of ice cream my favorite is pure chocolate by haggen dazz made with few ingredients and deep rich chocolate.
If someone knows me they know and realize I am a one who likes to stay at home.
My favorite place to relax in.
I love the fall and the cool autumn days mixed with the beauty of turning leaves.
I love Christmas and the festivities and traditions.
We can have favorite songs, cars or animals.
It is just a simple choice for us.
To say, these are a few of my favorite things.