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Five minute Friday word prompt.
Notice. says it is an announcement or something pending.
“as in a days notice.”
It is observation, perception, attention, information or warning.
It is to be aware of something.
I am moved to the thought of when my husband and I are out ‘shopping’ or walking around together I tend to ‘notice’ more things then he does.
I will say to him, “did you see that person over in the corner?”
and he will have no clue as to what I am talking about.
We are made differently.
I notice facial expressions or voice inflections.
I watch body languages.
He notices other things.
That is not wrong it is just the way we are made and why we are different than each other.
I will see a child and ‘notice’ the smile or the fear or the tiredness.
It is ingrained in us as women I think to notice things differently.
That is not bad it is just the way we are made.
On this season of Thanksgiving and heading in to the holidays.
I pray we ‘learn’ to notice something different, perhaps differently than our normal way of looking at life.
When we talk to someone, notice not just their words but what they are not saying within those words.
When we spend time with them, notice the body language
or the lack of it.
Children always show you how they really feel
if one pays attention and notices.
It is called listening from a place of ‘how do I learn’ rather than
‘what can I share’.
I see the definition a bit different then what the dictionary says.
I see it as Jesus did, when he saw Zacchaeus up in the tree.
(Luke 19:1-10)
Or the women at the well needing more
than just a drink of water. (John 4:28)
Or the leper pleading for healing. (Matthew 8:2)
Others walked by but Jesus observed and noticed those around him.
May we be like that more and more.
To see with eyes that are searching and the willingness to be bold.
Jesus said, “Zacchaeus come down from the tree
for I am coming to your house today.”
He noticed, and observed, and then gave information.
Lord help us to open our eyes and truly notice ‘those’ around us.
It is in the noticing where relationship can begin.