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This week was a first for us.
I went to our first grand daughter and our first grand child’s sixth grade graduation.
She is tiny in size in comparison to a lot of her friends.
She is very smart, and very beautiful of course I am grandma and I would say that. But she is very beautiful and I feel very honored to be her grandma.
She changed my life forever.
I remember when she was born. It will be something never forgotten it is etched in my heart as a wonderful tender memory.
She arrived 6 weeks early weighing only 2 pounds 11oz, that night a tiny miracle stole my heart. 
She was so wonderful and so perfect. I worried. I prayed. I cried.
I marveled at her beauty. I was amazed at how healthy she was.
She had iv’s for a few days in her head, she had no oxygen and took no time to learn how to drink a bottle. Normally preemies struggle with that and she caught on very quickly.
She was released to go home when she was 3 weeks old after graduating from nicu weighing 3 pounds 9 oz.
Did this grandma worry? YES and I prayed intensely for her to be strong.
I will always pray and be her advocate.


It was an emergency and when she and her mommy were in a crisis God’s angels protected them and I have told her they have always had a hand on her life because she is very special and God has a very special plan for her.
A few weeks ago we celebrated her 12th birthday and I cannot believe she is going into 7th grade now. Time keeps moving forward and the children grow and grandma watches with sadness mixed with tender memories.
I hope and pray she will always know how much this grandma loves her.
She was a first for us. She made us grand parents.
The job is an honor and privilege. Thank you Faith Elizabeth.
We love you always.
(picture on blanket was at age 5months weighing 8 pds 5oz)