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Finishing the story of my parents and their lives together.
After dad passed away there was to be no service, he didn’t want one.
So we grieved in our own way.
Mom continued to get worse in the foster home they lived in, lot’s of times when one spouse passes away the other one is not far behind them; especially if they are older.
She had Parkinson’s and it created a lot of difficulty for her.
Not being able to dress yourself, do bathroom duties, or feed yourself, is a great loss.
She also lost her voice. It was just a very soft whisper and very hard to hear what she wanted to say.
The disease is not kind to the person who has it. It is progressive and damaging to the whole body.
She managed for a short season without dad, then it just was too much for her.
She passed away about a year or so after him.
For the first time, we were without both parents.
Their story was over when they passed away, although it is still a story to be told for the grand children.
I believe dad knew he could not take care of her since he had severe breathing and heart problems.
They started out in their own home, then moved to a variety of apartments and eventually a foster home.
Each move was hard on both of them for it brought the reality of needed care close to home.
As they aged; they both needed care. Although he would not ‘let others’ do anything for him, he wanted her to be cared for and that was part of the decision to move.
Having them pass away was a strange and different ending for me.
It was a closure that was hard and healing at the same time.
Letting go of the wounds of the past and moving forward to a place of peace.
That is what I want to leave in this writing.
There is peace within the grief.
I know in my heart they loved each other to the end and that is the rest of the story.