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There is so much I have thought about.
From Thursday to Sunday.
What would have been like for Jesus to have dinner with his ‘best friends’ knowing one of them would betray him and in a few days he would be put on trial and led away to die.
I wonder what Judas felt like? 
The word says he went out and hung himself after he gave Jesus to the people.
That meant his shame was so intense in his spirit he could no longer exist.
No longer live with himself.
Then there is Peter, who denied Jesus when given the opportunity to acknowledge his friendship. 
He did not say, “I know him he is a good friend of mine.”
He said, “I have no idea who he is.” 
Not once did he say that but he said it three times.
Only to realize after the questioning he failed his Lord miserably.
I wonder if that is in the word for a reminder for us all to know
in the heart of our hearts and in the best of our intentions.
We could do the same.
Then Friday was a good day?
The day of a trial that was unfair and then a horrible beating
then a walk down a rocky road
 that was so horrible while carrying a very heavy cross.  
He fell
He couldn’t do it.
They had to have someone from the crowd him carry it.
Can you imagine that man and his emotional state?
Not really realizing he was carrying the cross Jesus would be crucified on.
Then the pounding of the nails.
The gasping for breath.
The pain
The pain
The pain from his body and the pain from his heart.
And the silence fell upon his broken body.
And the silence cracked as the skies darkened above him.
As the blood ran and poured upon his broken and wounded body.
The word says he was taken down and placed in a tomb and a large rock was put in the opening to be sure no one would steal the body.
I wonder
I have wondered
What happened in those days in the tomb?
Was there perhaps a conversation between the Father and Son?
He was dead
The word said the stone was rolled away and the burial clothes were laid upon the stones in perfect form.
He rose as a perfect Savior.
He saw Mary weeping and asked her, “woman why do you weep?”
She was grieving her heart was heavy and broken,
“They have taken my Lord away.”
Then Jesus said, “Mary”
And the word said she immediately knew it was Him.
I wonder
I have wondered.
If he said our name would we know it?
Do we know his voice so well that there would be no doubt ~
It is Jesus.
A time of rejoicing.
A time of renewing our hearts and our love.
His name is Jesus
Do you know him?