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It’s hard to believe it’s December 1st already.
The older I get I sense the passing of time like a wind that blows one year into the next.
Life as we know it keeps us busy.
Routines are good and healthy and so are the goals we set for ourselves both individually and as a couple.
One of my goals is to keep on track with my writing and I remind myself that this is the time for the Christmas series again.
The words must move to a new level of exploring the message for us one more year.
The Christmas story is not one we can get tired of reading. It is the showing of the heart of God.
It is an orchestration of God creating an opportunity for us to have and receive a Savior as an outpouring of His intense love and willingness to let go.
We cannot read the story lightly for without the Christmas story, Hope would not be approachable for us.
There were many characters who were involved and it amazes me how beautiful it presents itself.
As we move with the characters and journey along I pray we find new awareness and new insight of what we have always believed and what we know to be true.
I am not an expert on scripture so if something doesn’t seem right check it out for yourself.
There is great depth to the story and the hymns and carols we often find ourselves listening to and singing.
As we begin this month of remembering may we challenge ourselves to learn more and see differently.
The power and wonder of the Christmas Story.A book written by a friend of mine, you can find it on Amazon.