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Our grand daughter Faith showed her rabbit at the county fair.
She looks so tiny.
She was in the intermediate division for the older group of 4-H kids and she is going into seventh grade in just a few weeks.
Grandma is proud.
I wasn’t able to watch her actually show the rabbit, the first time was at 1:00 then they moved it to 3:00 then they moved it to 5:00 because she was in the older class of kids. I had taken a two year old with me and it was a long day for her and her mom was waiting for her baby to get home.  So we had to leave before the actual ‘presentation’ but my daughter sent me a picture.

Our Faith Elizabeth ended up in the top 12 for her class.
That is awesome!
She is in the brown shirt between others who are much taller than herself this is her second year of showing rabbits.
Last year her rabbit took best of show. Good Job!