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I love to iron.
Yes I know it is a strange confession.
But for me it is refreshing, and rewarding.
To look at a wrinkled piece of fabric and press onto it the hot warmth of the hand held iron.
Ah……. I breathe in the steam and it opens up my head.
I love for my husband to look pressed and ready for work. It makes me feel like I have done a good thing for him.

OK for those who do not like to iron, I might sound like someone who needs a therapy session. But in reality it reminds me of what the Lord does to me daily.
The hot iron of his word presses me as I allow the wrinkled crumpled emotions to breathe in the steam. The warmth and the heat have forced me to say on occasion “ouch that hurt”… as God gently presses me more. I don’t mind for I know just as I press the fabric to create a fine piece of clothing. The Lord does the same to my heart to create a better person.
Sometimes the heat is intense and the blast of steam brings me pain.
But the reward is worth it if I allow Him to do his work in me.

When my daughter was in junior high she would often come out of her room wearing something she drug out of her hamper or the bottom of her closet. I remember saying to her more than once, “You look like an unmade bed” and her quick reply would always be “Well I am comfortable.”
Yes an unmade bed is comfortable. It is inviting. A nap is always welcome.
But to walk around looking like an unfinished chore is not good.
Our hearts can look like that also.

So as I iron I pray.
Lord help me to allow the warmth of your love to press in and show me the wrinkled broken areas in my heart that needs changed. Help me to receive your correction as the fabric receives the hot iron. Just as I control what I press I pray for the willingness
to let you have full control of the journey of my heart.