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As November ends and December begins
we rejoice in so many things.
In this month we celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary
and we prayed for more to come.
In this month we learned to be thankful.
We learned to pray deeper and
we learned to be grateful for all things.
We learned to place our trust in someone bigger and wiser than ourselves and
we also learned to release and let go just in case we really had to.
In this month we learned that change takes place in an instant and
time could stand still as we learned to breathe again.
As November ends and December begins
it is with a grateful heart and thankful spirit that we finish this year.
It has been one full of challenges and trials and testing of our faith.
We close this year with a new awareness that life is fragile
and good and challenging
and not to be taken advantage of or thought of lightly.
I pray that we can have closure on all the difficult moments
this year has brought us and
now we can enter into a time of Christmas celebration.
We give God all glory and praise for He has been good to us.
He IS the reason for the Season.