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We still have some warm days ahead of us here in the Pacific Northwest, but the temperatures at night are dropping which tells me fall is soon to appear.

My favorite time of year. Where leaves change colors and radiant yellows and oranges are painted all over the landscape.
The crispy weather and the often times rain comes with a force we have learned to love.
We need rain so bad in our ‘area’ it has been very dry and the rivers are just beds of rock.
Rain is what we are known for, and overcast cloudy days.
School is back in session and the kids were very excited to end summer and get into a new routine.
I am sure mom’s were very excited too.
The next few months my plan is to clean and tear apart rooms and purge out what is keeping and what is leaving using the ‘do you like it or love it’ method. Or is it sentimental and a keep sake or did you purchase it at a garage sale and you don’t care where it goes.
My husband is retiring in less than a year.
We will be doing some traveling in a motor home too.
I must do this organizing this fall and winter and just get it done.
We are also considering a move to a condo or a smaller home on one level with no stairs.
So with that kind of move it is going to be important to only take what we love.
The joy of organizing is really worth it, just hard to get started and motivated to do it.