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Isn’t it fascinating that when the shepherds heard the Angels say to them,
“Go find the baby who was born this night.”
They left.
Reminding me so much of the story of Peter and Paul and the other fishermen
who left their boats in the same way later on in Jesus life.
Remember when he walked along the shore and called out to them,
“Come follow me, I will make you fishers of men” and they left.
They literally left.
They dropped everything and left with no hesitation.
No looking back
they wanted to follow the voice of a man who spoke with authority.
They left their boats, their jobs, their families if they had any.
Everything was left so they could go follow in a new direction.

The shepherds did the same thing against the oath of a shepherd.
They were never to leave their herds and never abandon them
to face adversities or enemies alone.
Their job was to protect and serve them at all costs.
Isn’t it interesting that the call to go see
was stronger than the need to stay.

I wonder if we would do the same.
Is the call to go see and know
stronger in our hearts
than the comfort in staying and not knowing?
The call towards a Savior
who came to us in a humble way
to show us love
to give us hope
to provide a 
powerful and life changing reason
 to believe.
If we allow it.