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On day three of the writers challenge our word is initiate.
The definition in to begin. to introduce into the knowledge of a subject. teach. instruct. indoctrinate. train.
He said our challenge is to ‘choose ourselves’.
Sharing the story of when we were in school and others were picking people for teams.
They would say “I pick you and you and you.”
Just as they were picking for their teams we must pick for our ‘team’ too.
He said to look in the mirror and say “you…I pick you.”
If you have favorite writers add your name to the list.
We need to build confidence and also build belief in ourselves.
Then he challenged us to place in a secret place the words
 “I am a ____”.
That might mean for some of us an ‘author’ or a ‘novelist’ or a ‘storyteller’… whatever we think we want to become we are to write it down and keep it in a safe place to come back to later on in this writers challenge.
He said we are to continue to practice writing.
To make it a priority.
To make the time to do it and do it well.
Any writing is better than none.
He ended by saying “Give yourself grace, but also hold yourself accountable”.
Begin today the journey of who you are becoming.
No one gets where they want to be without practice and discipline.
Begin today.