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I loved the clouds they were awesome and very entertaining as they moved with the wind in the sky. They looked like flying angels.
Can you see the wings??

It was beautiful.

The grand daughters and grandpa played in the water.
I sat in my chair and relaxed. It was a bit cold about 65 with a wind and half of the time I had a sweatshirt on and half I was comfortable with a sleeveless shirt on.
It was deceiving for it looked very warm out there.

I love the crosses they are so welcoming and so peaceful.

We went to the beach today. Someone did not use sunscreen as she sat and relaxed.

Why? I am not sure but the red you see here is also on my chest, neck and face. 

 Yes folks I am toasted. Maybe tomorrow I won’t be feeling the pain so much.
Sorry I couldn’t make my feet look better, size six shoe, small feet very burned I even have some red on the bottoms of my feet because the sand was warm. They are also swollen.
 I was wearing salt water sandals and they protected some of my feet but not all.
Rule number one.. don’t forget your feet.
It is very painful if you burn them.