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As we come to a closure of the topic of simplify; another area we have not addressed for the new year is calendars.
I am by nature old school meaning I still like paper and pens, calendars that I can open and write in, I am not one to use my phone or computer for day to day events.
I like a small calendar in my purse, I put notes, appointments, phone numbers or shopping lists.
In fact when I got my hair done this last time the one I had was for last year and I didn’t have a space for my next appointment.
My hair dresser had to give me a lesson on how to use my phone one.
She said, “you got a hair cut and a lesson on your phone today.”

The next thing I use a calendar for is to record my testing numbers, since I have to check my blood score every other day I write it down in a new space and record food that might have created a problem for me.
This is my new one for this year. It is small enough to fit in the same basket as my test equipment.
I also have a calendar upstairs in my den so I can keep track of writing projects and or dates when one must be done and submitted. I like to see progress in a paper form and I like to be able to mark it off as finished.
Then I have a calendar in my bathroom on the wall so when I am getting ready for my day it is a reminder of the weeks agenda.
My husband often will say to me, “did you put it in your phone?” My answer will always be no.
I am not wired that way. I have had paper calendars since we have been married and I will always have one.
I even have a hard bound paper address book. Hand written with addresses of loved ones and friends.

Whatever works for you and your home is the best way.
It is more simple I suppose to put it all one space but I like a variety of resources and forms.
It doesn’t matter how old fashioned one is as long as we use the time given to us in a good and positive way.
Do you have a favorite way of keeping track of life’s details?