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We found out today that the mass in my husbands liver is nothing to worry about.
It is not cancer.
It is not going to require surgery.
It is with grateful hearts we give God all praise and all glory.
We would praise him no matter what the outcome would have been
but it is so nice to not worry about
 the what ifs between us.
What this lesson has taught us is this:
We are not alone.
We have many who care for us
many who prayed for us
and many who hoped with us
 for a good positive outcome.
We pray that we have time to make plans for our future
we believe a powerful testimony will come out of this ‘test.’
Why God allowed us to go through it is a mystery.
We stay true to our beliefs that all things are for a purpose.
Perhaps the reason was to bring us to a deeper place of prayer
 perhaps it gave others a reason to pray for the first time.
Whatever the reason we are thankful for the experience
and we are extremely glad for good news.