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Almost the end of the month, January of 2021.
I cannot believe the changes in our life since last year.
The quarantine has affected many people, some who we have not seen for months.
This is the longest time since our marriage began, that we have not been in a regular church service.
We have watch online and it is nice and we receive great teaching and music.
But OH I remember the sweetness of listening to the music in real time.
When my husband had to be at the church early for parking, I would go in and listen to the musicians practice.
It was like my own little church service.
Our church is building a new building and will soon be done sometime in May of 2021.
It has been a long time of waiting.
I have realized some of our ‘friends’ have moved away or gone to other places.
It’s hard when you have little children and you want them in a church setting.
Our children were in church since they time they were newborns in the church nursery.
It was important for us to have them involved in a positive group of kids and leaders.
We were blessed as the youth groups were great and the experience was good.
Each one had a core group of good kids they hung out with.
Some of them they still see in person or by social media.
When we were in youth group they had no social media, we had to see people in person.
I remember so many hours on the phone chatting with my friends.
Times have changed but not the need to connect with others.
It is a good goal for us to do the best we can to reach out to others.
Almost the end of the month and we begin a new ‘season of birthdays.’