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A vacation to remember happened a few weeks ago in the Central Oregon location.
We were camping in the Lapine State Park, and it was very hot the first day we arrived.
We found lunch in a town called Sisters which on a normal day is fun to explore.
It was so hot, and we were standing outside waiting for a lunch and I thought I was not going to make it.
I am not by nature a HOT weather fan and it was scorching.
I tried not to complain. I just wanted it cooler.
We did the best we could to make it through the first day after we set up our campsite.
The second day was a cooler day, and we were surprised by a storm or lightning, thunder, then rain and then hail.
It was glorious and I wanted to go outside. Of course, I did not.
We were concerned about the overhead windows in the trailer.
The rain was very hard and pounding sounding like rocks.
One trailer in the area had a tree fall down on it, the people were inside but not harmed.
The trailer was very big and very expensive and very much damaged.
We managed that day and night, and the next day was just a day for hanging out in the camp.
Then the following day we went to see Crater Lake.
I am a true Oregonian and I had NOT ever seen it in person, in real life.
I was NOT disappointed.
The weather was about 76-78 degrees, with a soft wind. It was beautiful.
So majestic one cannot even imagine the beauty.
I have not downloaded my photos yet off my phone but believe me, it was beautiful.
After that day we packed up and headed home.
The cats were ready for mom and dad to return, and I am always a home body.
Even though we had our trailer which is a home away from home.
Not the same as actually being HOME.
I will try to get a few pictures for this writing as I can figure it out.
A vacation to remember is always one for the memory books.