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A new year is ahead of us.
Two thousand and thirteen ~ 2013 ~
a time of new beginnings
of resolutions to be set
of new goals to try to achieve or
new motto’s to live by.
How do we begin again on a fresh clean calendar?
How do we choose a new direction?
It is always a challenge to begin again.
To look at what we didn’t get done last year and then decide if we should move that goal into a new one.
Do we press forward or choose to give up?
Do we place unrealistic goals for ourselves or are we real and honest in those goals?
I heard someone say on a news station the other night,
“Instead of saying I am going to lose 100 pounds we need to start small and attain a reasonable goal such as 10 pounds then move to the next 10.”
I would add to that a few more:
“Instead of saying I want to run a marathon we need to start small and walk or run consistently every day.”
“Instead of saying I want to write a book start small and write daily.”
What works best for me is to move in increments or what I call small chunks.
Personally I get overwhelmed if a task takes me too long.
If I can master small chunks I feel better and more accomplished.
When I work on a project my energy leaves on the third day.
I have to work on it hard and then stop and step away from it.
A new year is ahead of us.
What we do with it is a question we need to answer or explore.
Let’s not wait for the answer from within
let’s just begin. 
One step at a time.
One goal at a time.
Then see what we can accomplish.