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A new year, and a birthday blessing have been the beginning of this 2022 start.
I found out my cancer scans were clear and considered normal.
That was a tremendous praise to my heart.
Plus, I had a 67th birthday and snow too.
For 1 month my husband and I are the same age.
I believe good things for this year.
We have had enough hard, enough sickness and death.
It is time for the normal part of what we remember of life a few years ago to return.
Every year I search and pray and wait for my ‘word of the year.’
After taking a test that asks a bunch of questions my word came back to me as ‘encouraged’.
Oh. I can hold onto to this one because my spiritual gift is encouragement.
Also, discernment and exhortation. I love to think of the best in people.
Sometimes you really have to look and very few times have I said, ‘no this person needs great help.’
In this new year, I want to write more ‘thinking of you notes’ to those is my life.
I want to make time to visit with them, whether that be in person or by phone.
I want to try to exercise more. Not the kind of ‘over doing’ but just a daily walk or time on our recumbent bike.
I want to write more.
It takes effort and a push to do any of these.
One must set out with a goal and do the best to accomplish it.
I am 67 now. Older and wiser and hopefully healthier too.
I desire to be an example for my grandchildren. Someone they can look up to and remember as ‘a positive’ in their lives.
Someday I pray for a great grandchild, only one, for a picture for someone’s wall.
We will see and time will tell but that is something I pray for and hope for.
I always pray for a special friend of mine who is dealing with leukemia.
God is good to her, and she is blessed to be stable and doing well.
I will always pray for all six of our grandchildren.
For them to be healthy, happy and spiritually minded.
Three are heading to college so this grandma really needs to pray.
We say goodbye to 2021 now and as we make a toast. We invite the new.

A new year, and a birthday blessing have been the beginning of this 2022. (Vineyard found in Sweet Cheeks winery, Oregon)