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I was going through some of my old pictures on line and found this one.
It is my grandson walking the fence.
When you can’t see what you want to see.
Or visit with who you want to visit with.
The best choice is to get a new perspective and go higher.
It is a very definite way of looking beyond your view point.
If he stayed lower than the fence he could only see ‘so much’.
He remains limited by the walls around him and the lack of vision.
We stay that way too many times.
We can’t focus on what is out there because we remain behind the walls and fences of our lives and we can’t problem solve enough to see it through new eyes and with a new perspective.
How can we see the problem from a new viewpoint and a new position.
I love this picture because is shows us ‘boys’ and their desire to climb.
It also gives me something to write about and to share.
Something to think about.