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On Sunday we said good bye for a final time to my husbands dad.
He was a dad to all of us.
He was 90 years and six months old exactly.
His heart was tired and it was time to go home.
It has been a journey since mom died three year ago. 
She wanted the ‘children’ to take care of him and they did their best to do that and honor her wish.
He was loved by many who knew him.
He left a legacy of life and hope and compassion and most of all 
a love for His God.
He met mom and married her then they had five boys and a daughter then years later they had the joy of meeting many grand children and one great grand child.
They almost made it to 61 years of marriage. 
At first it was really hard for him when she left I think it made him feel kind of lost and even a little alone.
They were together on many levels and it was a difficult change for him when she passed.
We said good bye for a final time here on earth but we know that someday we will hear him say.
“what took you so long I have been waiting for you”.

Dad O you were loved and respected and we will always remember you and miss the times we spent with you.
You are finally together in a wonderful reunion … 
on palm Sunday 2013.