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Yes this is how I  feel these days as I start my new ‘thought process’ on nutrition and exercise.
I can’t even imagine putting on a leotard.
My everyday ‘attire’ these days are sweat pants unless I am going somewhere special.
Someone has said you should not wear sweat pants because they make one look round and frumpy.
But I prefer to be warm and cozy and if wearing jeans is not going to do that for me, then I choose sweat pants.
Frumpy is a state of mind.
It is perfectly acceptable to be comfortable and cozy.
It is also perfectly acceptable to dress up when the occasion calls for it sometimes you just can’t wear a favorite pair of jeans or tennis shoes.
I do have to admit I feel ‘better’ all dressed up but most days there is no where I am going and as I have said the sweat pants are way more comfortable and warm.
(not sure where I found this picture but it is very funny)
could be from pinterest.