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A day of remembering our freedom.
Today is considered Veterans day. November 11th.
My dad and my husbands dad were veterans.
Leaving the comforts of home as young men to fight for their country.
It is hard for me to imagine young 18 year old men and women leaving home;
some right after they graduated from high school.
They may not have even voted but they could fly far away and serve.
Wars have always been horrific to think about. I remember when I was in high school it was the Vietnam war.
I never thought of it much other than it was intense and horrible.
Then about twenty years ago I was working in a temp job and my ‘buddy’ who became a friend was from Vietnam.
She came over to the states on a fishing boat that ended up having many deaths.
The captain was not truthful to them.
She told me how her family was killed during the war.
It ended up only being herself and an uncle who helped her on the boat to escape.
We cannot imagine having fear follow us, or having our entire family wiped out.
She said it was very difficult for her to understand.
She suffered greatly. I knew there were painful memories hiding in her spirit.
As I got to know her more she showed me another side of war.
We often think of our soldiers.
But the innocent victims are to be thought about too.
I cannot even imagine the intensity of war.
Many come home with post traumatic issues.
I know my husbands dad served under General Patton.
That was intense and horrible.
Many things he never spoke about and those memories of war were hidden deep.
I would imagine talking about them would be really hard especially as the years move on.
Today is veterans day, where we hang our flags, listen to special tributes and remain thankful.
A day of remembering our freedom.(source of photo unknown)