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Thirty five years ago God blessed us with a precious new baby girl.
We were amazed at her round head of dark hair and olive skin.
She surprised us as we had gone to a birthday party that evening and the tightness and mild contractions were not really unusual for me.
Waking up in the middle of the night I remember asking the question,
“Are these supposed to be every few minutes?”
We both realized this must be labor.
We also knew she was head up and bottom down as I had just gone to the doctor that day and had the ultrasound picture to prove it.
We waited for grandma to come be with our son and I remember saying, “We will be back soon it is too early by a few weeks”.
We arrived at the hospital and they noticed how far the labor had progressed.
The doctors were surprised when we told them our son was born in two hours it seemed to create a  concern for them.
Rushing me to surgery with a breech birth was a scare to us.
The contractions had done their job and I was ready to deliver in the elevator.
As young parents we had no clue what to expect in a surgery room and we were not anticipating the anxious doctors rushing to get this little one out.
When they held her tiny body up for us to see we both cried with joy.
A baby girl was born.
We had a son and now a daughter.
Sarah (princess) Kathleen (dear to my heart) was the name chosen.
Thirty five years later she is a beautiful woman and a wonderful mom.
Our daughter was born.
We love you Sarah and always pray for you and your three daughters.
We have enjoyed watching you grow and mature and
become the woman you are today.

You are strong, confident and you will always be dear to our hearts.
When you look in the mirror always remember you are beautiful and you are loved.