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A birthday to remember, today, our son turns 47.
Hard to believe but it’s true.
We were young parents, and hardly had an idea of what to do for our little one coming.
Back then we didn’t know till birth what we were expecting.
I was very sick, and had to have iron shots because of the ‘state of health’ I was in.
He arrived very healthy, very sweet, a whopping 6 pounds after two hours of labor.
Actually, it was longer than that because they induced me, and since nothing had started by the 3 pm shift the nurse decided I was moving too slow.
She said, “let’s have this baby by dinner time.” Turned the drip up on my IV and I moved from no labor to hard labor in two hours.
He was born at 5:35pm.
In hindsight if we were more mature things would happen different than that, but God was with us, and HE was healthy, and I was fine.
Our son was born. We named him Christopher.
About four days later we went home to our little house, and we were a little family for the first time.
He slept in a cradle my grandpa made and his crib was in a tiny room one crib length wide and two crib lengths long.
We learned to be parents and we learned very fast what a newborn baby needed.
I remember rocking and feeding and rocking and feeding… never really putting him down.
We were the first on my side of the family to add a grandchild.
We were blessed by this bundle of a boy.
He amazed us and challenged us and made us extremely proud.
He still does, even in his ‘adult years’.
Now he is a dad to three sons of his own.
The circle continues.
A birthday to remember, today, our son turns 47.