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Continuing on the 31 day challenge.
Perhaps we can come up with new ideas for each other.

1. write a letter to a friend by hand and mail it.
2. send an email to a friend by computer.
3. send some flowers to someone just to say ‘I appreciate you.’
4. volunteer to take someone someplace they wouldn’t go alone.
5. volunteer in your church nursery or play group.
6. make someone a special meal and deliver it as a surprise.
7. take someone a hot cup of coffee ‘just because’.
8. offer to help clean someones home.
9. offer to babysit for a  night out.
10. send a child a card in the mail they always love it.
11. send a note by hand to your pastor thanking him for many things.
12. give something special away that you have treasured to someone you care for.
13. call someone you haven’t talked to for a long time.
14. visit someone you haven’t visited for a long time in person.
15. go grocery shopping and give an extra bag to someone in need.
16. send stamps to a child with envelopes so they can write you back.
17. take new pictures and frame them.
18. organize pictures you already have and put them in albums.
19. clean out closets and give away to the needy what you don’t need.
20. give a compliment to someone without them expecting it.
21. encourage someone verbally and surprise them.
22. purchase a gift card and give it away anonymously.
22. decorate your home for the fall.
23. buy a fresh bouquet of flowers for your table.
24. organize your table cloths and napkins for the holidays.
25. declutter as much as you can and take to recycling or other places.
26. go through your shoes and see if there are any you can give to someone in need.
27. go through your coats and see if any can go to someone else.
28. send a check to a local charity so they can help others.
29. notice a senior in line at the grocery store and give the clerk money to help them.
30. purchase gas for your car and buy a gas card for someone else.
31. make a Christmas present instead of buying one.

There are many things we can come up with to help others as well as ourselves.
Are we ready for the challenge and the goal of doing something different?